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How awesome was last night's episode!! This episode is my favorite this far, followed by Odor in the Court. Loved that UB is finally getting back to what it used to be. Too bad the season's almost over. Hopefully there won't be another strike that will affect the seasons again. Let's start discussing, shall we?

Willi and Marc
How I missed these two at Mode! I loved Willi's "Let's do this bitch!" And then she and Marc walk out all in slo-mo. Loved Amanda running up right beside Marc. I missed these two! And loved the reality show intro. I was a bit surprised to find that "Gene Simmons Ain't my Daddy!" thing going on. I'm guessing either this storyline is closing, or its a way to carry it onto season three. 

Willi is just a plain badass. She owns. Truthfully, I believe Willi has every right to be Editor in Chief of Mode. She has all the brilliant ideas, she has the diva style, and she has just as much of a loyal assistant as Daniel does. Her idea for Claire's Hotflash was pretty good. She's manipulative, which is really good when it comes to business. She can easily talk someone into or out of deals for the magazine. I missed her evilness so much. Daniel doesn't have a chance.

Hated Daniel's side of weakness. And the way Alexis just forget their pinky swear and supported Willi. Not a big surprise. Alexis is so confusing sometimes. The writers really screwed up with her personality. I mean she's helping out the family one minute, and backstabbing them the next!

I love Justin. He's the perfect son. With no embarrassment at all, he went up to Coach Diaz and straight up said his mom liked him. And he didn't mind being bugged by Hilda to spy on the coach. Hell he even realized how corny eighth grade dances are! Kid is an angel, I swear. I thought it was sweet that he helped out in the G/B thing where he asked the "little Betty" to dance. Real cute. I'm not sure if Justin is gay or not. I mean I realize he's like Marc and has a taste for fashion, but does that make him the stereotipical homo, or just a very femine hetero? Or is he bi? It would be really interesting if he started dating. But then again, it'll show just how much the kid has grown up!
And does anyone else fine Coach Diaz dull? He is very hot, I agree to that, but I feel no substance from him. From Gio, I'm turned on by him by his looks AND his personality. Coach Diaz makes me go "Oo he's hot...zzzzzzzzzz" Maybe after her cold, Coach and Hilda can make it hot. Maybe we'll see more substance from him then, when Hilda's on her A game. Who knows.

And finally...Gio/Betty
So much love for these two. Although the previews have me a little worried that their relationship is going a little too speedy, but I realize that its because of the writers strike. First of all the kiss was smoking! And then the slap. It was heartbreaking on Gio's part, but  very much needed. It was a little too forward for Betty. She needs all the space she can get with Henry gone. The thing about Gio I like is that he's there for Betty. Yea, Henry was there too, but he was tangled up in all this baby drama mess. And he got her tangled up too. With Gio, Betty can have fun, she can be open, she doesn't have to worry about doing the right thing all the time. He can teach her to be forward. I loved their little talk on the school steps. I agree with Gio, it must be exhausting to do the right thing all the time. And I loved his lines:
"Stop worrying about how you're supposed to be and"
And then she confesses how she feels. How she really feels. She feels sad.
"Sad I think we can deal with" was his response. Notice the WE. Le sigh...
And then the final twister, Betty asks Gio out and he turns her down! I'm glad that Gio turned her down and said my favorite romantic line in all of TV:
I don't wanna be the rebound guy, I wanna be the guy

Next week scares me a little bit with all the Betty has to make a choice. We'll see what happens. My theory is that she chooses no one and realizes she needs time to herself. Then next season will be about G/B.
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