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This episode was certainly a HUGE improvement from last week's. Don't get me wrong, I liked last week's and understood the development of Sarah's character, but I found it a bit boring. This episode...not so much.

Cameron talking to the bird was hilarious. "You're migratory, you need to find a mate." and "Thats a window, bird." LMAO. And when she catches the bird = chilling. But I was sad when she killed the bird, she didn't even do it on purpose! And then she realizes that the glitch has returned. Dun dun duhhhh.

When I first saw that scene I thought the bird was Riley and Cameron was going to crush her. And I guess, she did, but not physically. I guess Riley was crushed psychologically (sp?). She realized what her purpose was in Jesse's game and she feared for her life.

Speaking of Jesse, what is up with her? I was thinking about how stupid her plan was, but the real plan made so much more sense. However, I couldn't believe she would go so far to sacrifice an innocent girl's life to get John away from Cameron. Sick. I mean I was not a big fan of Riley's character, but I was rooting for the girl when the two got into a fight. And then her interaction with Sarah was....well it was interesting. She played guidance counseler well, but I want to know what she was trying to plant in Sarah's head with Derek. Was it intentional or was it just part of the act? Hee, and Sarah's "I'm not involved with him". Jesse didn't ask, Sarah, she didn't say anthing hehe.

And is Derek an idiot? Is this really a leading resistance fighter? Could he really be blinded by his so called "love" for Jesse? I can't wait to see how he reacts to Jesse after she blew him off. And is he gonna guess she had something to Riley's death (i doubt it). Derek, you need to learn that the people who can truly back you up is your family plus Cameron.

I fear for Cameron now that John has her life around his neck. I think it was smart and sweet of her to give him a detonator in case she spun out of control again, but I'm scared that Emo!John might push the button and then regret it later.

Anyway, i can't wait for next week. It looks interesting and is the first of two-parter. And after watching that spoiler reel from WonderCon, I cannot wait for the next 5 episodes. And hopefully, the ratings won't seal the fate for this awesome show that gets better and better!
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